Scrapping a CISCO Catalyst 3560

CISCO Catalyst 3560

Like all CISCO products, this Catalyst 3560 is a quality piece of IT equipment.  While there may be resale value in functioning systems, the one I scrap here was reported as damaged and non-functional.  This was evident by significant corrosion inside the housing.

The housing was opened by removing Philips head screws on sides and back plate.  The upper part of the housing is sheet aluminum.  The base section is sheet or shreddable steel.  There is very little plastic waste on this system.

A low-grade power board spans the length of the rear of the shell.  It is removed with Philips head screws.  Items of value include aluminum heat sink, transformers, and copper coils.

The main board is a high grade or telcom grade board with no CPU sockets.  It is held in place with Torx  or star head screws.  As with the power board, the screws were corroded and required care in removal to avoid stripping the heads or damage the torx driver.  Three anodized aluminum heat sinks cover two BGA’s and flat pack (IC with legs on all four sides).  A small amount of low-grade insulated copper wire (ICW) was removed.  Actual conductor in the wire may be aluminum and was not confirmed.  In addition to the BGA’s and flat packs noted, the telcom board is also populated with multiple two-sided IC’s, MLCC’s (some large), tantalum capacitors (yellow), copper coils, gold ended resistors and small crystal oscillator. 

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