Large format scanner scrap

The Graphtec large format scanner turned out to be an interesting scrap with some reasonable value.  The nylon bag used to hold the large paper was framed with stainless steel hangers.  A power cord was removed, and the plug ends cut for brass recovery.  Scrapping began by figuring out how to remove the legs, which turned out to be easy once I found the trick. The legs were connected to the main body with four thumbscrews, two at either end.  The legs were set aside and disassembled later to recover two large shred steel verticals and a nice extruded aluminum center/horizontal brace.

The main body of the scanner was accessed by removing the two plastic end pieces followed by the deck cover.  A small electric motor that drove the rollers was removed as were the power and power distribution boards.  Both boards contained some copper coils for later removal as well as a couple IC chips and aluminum heat sinks. 

At the other side of the main body three circuit boards were found, one low grade and two mid-grades.  One of the mid-grade boards had a RAM stick with gold fingers. 

A glass cover, which broke on removal, was lifted off to gain access to five light sources.  Each source had copper tape and a circuit board.  The copper tape was removed and added to #2 copper wire.  The boards were assessed at mid-grade due to the density of IC chips and no metal.

Overall, this was a reasonable scrap.  The scanner was part of a truck load of miscellaneous electronics purchased by auction so no specific purchase price for the scanner could be determined although it was minimal given the quantity of servers, computers and other material all purchased for approximately $27.  Scrapable material included:  shred steel, stainless steel, extruded aluminum, #2 ICW, low-grade and mid-grade circuit boards.

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