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Buying and Selling E-Waste and Recyclable Materials in St Augustine

Our Business is dedicated to reducing landfill waste by Helping our community to reuse and recycle. A portion of our proceeds are donated to ocean conservation.

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We offer free pick ups for donations and sales of 10 or more items. We buy most e-waste and other recyclables. Schedule an appointment now to responsibly dispose of your e-waste and do your part in reducing landfill waste.

We buy most e-waste and other recyclables

Phones and Tv’s



Scrap Metal

How Do I Sell My E-Waste?

Although our focus is ewaste: computers, servers, telcom and such, we’re a scrap yard – so we buy/sell all manner of material. Learn more about how to sell us your e-waste.

We buy by appointment only.  Please do not show up without an appointment – we may not be here as we’re out making pick ups all over NE Florida.  It’s easy to arrange a pick up or schedule a drop off.

We Sell Functional Components, Scrap and Tools.

What do We Sell?

We sell reusable items via this website, our eBay store, directly to corporate buyers and individuals. Learn more about what we sell.

How We Give Back

Shark Research

What can we say, we love sharks! That’s why we donate a portion of our revenue to vetted shark research programs around the world. Here’s Ali’i Kai, the first shark we adopted with the University of Miami’s Shark Research and Conservation program.


We use this website, YouTube, and other social media to help educate people and businesses on ways that they can redirect waste into resale and recycle streams. Dive in and join us!

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Core Mission

Our core mission is to grow a business dedicated to reducing what ends up in waste streams by redirecting material to reuse and recycle streams. Won’t you join us?

Meet the Owner

Retired US Navy Captain Ernie Petzrick

I served our country for 25 years as an officer in the Navy. Now I’m serving our planet by growing a business that gives back.

Shark Scrapper – an ethical business giving back to our planet – is on a mission to reduce what ends up in landfills, beaches, and oceans by redirecting materials to resale, reuse or recycling streams.

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